Welcome to my website

My name is Ján Kučkovský and I am a guitar maker specialising in custom-made electrical guitars and bass guitars that suit customer’s individual requirements. I have been working in the field since 1997 and made it my profession by registering as sole trader in 2004. My customers are those who are not satisfied with mass-produced instruments.

Every single instrument takes birth on my drawing board, assisted by the customer. Building may take 160 to 220 hours depending on how demanding the construction is. I use naturally dried timber only and combine it according to sound requirements. I do not use CNC machines; the instruments are mostly hand-crafted, which bestows unique sound and shape features to each of the instruments I have made. I provide life-long guarantee and free service on all wooden parts of the instrument.

Juraj Griglák, a top bass guitar player, is my prime consultant for sound and construction aspects. His unequalled sense of sound nuances is often ruling for me in matters of guitar building. Maximum customer’s satisfaction is my priority number one in every single project.